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Review of Windows 7: A Must Upgrade for Your PC

Still using 10 years old XP? Can not stand Vista's slowness any more? Already 20% of PC are Windows 7 powered now!

You may already heard a lot of Windows 7 in the past year, so why? Because Windows 7 offer the best entertainment experience on your PC:

  • Easiest Windows to use ever
  • It's faster
  • Best PC entertainment experience
  • Simplifies everyday tasks
  • Easy to connect
  • Easy to browse the web
  • Work anywhere with less effort
  • Safeguard your hard work
  • ...

So, discard XP/Vista and trust the choice of millions of people and buy Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade to make your PC updated!

Online Backup Storage Service Review: Livedrive

Livedrive Simple, Secure Online Backup

Have you ever lost your files? If you use computer for many years, you must have lots of personal files collected on hard disk. Computer hardware may break down. You has risk of losing those files. One reasearch report says that 65% of users have lost his/her files for more than once. So we recommend you to use online backup services.

Livedrive offer truly unlimited online storage space, allowing you to backup your files quickly and easily. Start your free 14 day trial. You should take it a try!

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