We buzz together @ WeBuzz.IM

WeBuzz.IM is a JavaScript based online free web instant messenger that helps you chat with your friends on Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Jabber/XMPP. WeBuzz.IM team is dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

About Us

WeBuzz team is from China. We are passionate in Instant Messaging (IM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe that a better internet will be built by integrating IM and AI together.

Zhou Renjian Founder

Renjian has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Renjian is also the founder of open source project Java2Script, which is providing a Java to JavaScript compiler and an HTML/CSS based SWT library for RIA development. He once worked in Shanghai Kortide, a Chinese company developing an independent mobile operating system.

Mo Qi (Albert Moky) Advisor

Moky has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from South China University of Technology. Moky worked in Tencent(One of China's biggest Internet companies, having more than 400 million users for its IM "QQ") for years. And now, Moky is the CTO of Beijing Slanissue.